Paper is cheap, what you do with it is expensive, some estimates suggest that the cost of using paper is about ten times its original cost. Scanning paper to electronic format provides many benefits. These include:

Reduced storage space – a standard filing cabinet occupies 3 square feet of space, increasing to 6 square feet when the draw is pulled right out, and to 9 square feet when you stand in front of it. If your office rental is only £30 per square foot per year, then it is costing you £270 for the floor space occupied by a single cabinet. Multiply that up by the number of cabinets in your office and there is a huge hidden cost of holding paper. A 1Tb GB hard disk costing a mere £50 can hold up to 1 million pages of documentation, all of which can be searched in seconds.

Documents that are converted to full text can be brought to the screen in seconds, and the information immediately reused in a new document. Information does not get lost by misfiling papers or the departure/absence of a member of staff who was the only one who knew where everything was.

Low cost distribution – Distribution of electronic files to staff and customers reduces the cost of delivery and the time taken. Once an electronic file has been cheaply delivered the end user can choose to print it out if they wish, but it’s their budget and not yours that pays for the printing.

Digital Data have several years experience of document scanning, with very high quality OCR regularly delivered to customers as searchable Adobe Acrobat files. We offer a sample conversion free of charge to let you try before you buy.

Services fall into 2 broad areas:

Bulk Scanning: We take your paper, scan it and index it by keywords. An example of this would be local authority rating records where the street number, street name and postcode would allow rapid access to thousands of records covering several years. Keyword indexing is fine where there is very structured data, but to allow for free text searches the information needs to be converted from a bitmap back to text.
Bespoke scanning: Scanning on its own does not convert the paper into a format where every word and number can be indexed for future searches. Our bespoke scanning services scans the paper and converts the scanned image into text using Optical Character Recognition.The converted text can be checked for recognition errors and then saved in the format that you require, e.g. as a Word or Acrobat file. The resulting file can be searched and also occupies far less space than a bitmap version. If required we can use the Acrobat format to display a bitmap on screen for absolute fidelity and the converted text hidden underneath for search and copy/paste purposes

A free sample conversion of up to 10 pages is available, contact us on 080 622 6736 or 0333 577 6736 to discuss your individual scanning requirements.

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